Rose Fearon, ADCRG

Rose Fearon, ADCRG is one of the co-directors of the Butler-Fearon-

O'Connor School and is the principal teacher in Toronto, Canada as well

as in Orange County and San Diego, California.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Rose Fearon, ADCRG, started Irish dancing at

age six. Her first teacher was Noreen Quinn, from Belfast, who

persuaded Rose to attend the renowned Butler Academy, a highly

competitive school where she flourished.

Three times Rose won the equivalent of the North American National

Championship, and she also placed fourth at Ireland's World

Championships at a time when only three prizes were awarded. When

the regionals were introduced, she danced in two and won both. In

1979, Rose decided to teach and founded Rince na nGael.

Her school has won numerous National Championships and in 1985

took first place in senior dance drama and second place in junior dance

drama at the World Championships in Malahide, Co. Dublin. Her

creative choreography has been shown in movies and on TV, and she

was the chief choreographer for the opening and closing ceremonies at

the 1998 Special Olympics held in Toronto.

In 2001, Rose joined schools with her former teacher and mentor, June

Butler. Together they created one of the most successful schools in

North America and around the world. Sadly, in 2003, June Butler passed

away. Rose continued the Butler-Fearon School in Ontario and

branched out to California, where she joined schools with Vincent and

Kathleen O'Connor to form the Butler-Fearon-O'Connor School.

Over the years, Rose has also trained and sponsored numerous

candidates for the TCRG (teacher) and ADCRG (adjudicator) exams.